"I Believe People Are Good"
January 16, 2017 by Tracy Albright 0 Comments

"I Believe People Are Good"

On Tuesday, January 10, Melissa had a concert in Ashland, KY. As concert goers arrived at the venue, two men with signs preached to them, warning of eternal damnation for attending the show. 

Of course we all know that Melissa's all about love, I mean #ChooseOnlyLove, right? Her response was nothing but love:

Read more about it in the article here.

Since that time, the pastor of the church that one of the men was afilliated with reached out to the people at the Ashland, KY theater where she played. Melissa shared the story on Facebook:

Melissa preaches love, her music uplifts us, she is about truth, strength and peace. I'm so glad the pastor reached out. It proves there is lots and lots of good in this world.

Rock On Melissa! 

~Tracy Albright

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