Tour Leavenworth...Melissa Style!
January 23, 2019 by Tracy Albright 0 Comments

Tour Leavenworth...Melissa Style!

Have you ever wanted to visit the hometown of our favorite Rock Star and see where all that amazing creativity came from?  Well, you always could but we've made it much easier to visit all the sites! Over the past year we worked closely with the Leavenworth Convention and Visitors Bureau as well as Melissa and have created a self guided tour of her hometown, Leavenworth, Kansas. Take a stroll along "The Mighty Mo" or drive down Stranger Road. You will for sure get "that 4th Street feeling" when you see the old V.A. or Suncatcher Lake. All these and more are mapped out and available from the Leavenworth CVB.  Just pick one up and be on your way! Hope you enjoy!

~Tracy Albright

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